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Ranger Heritage Mission

The Ranger Heritage Foundation (RHF) is dedicated to providing resources for Christian training and committed to the development of boys in a Christian atmosphere. The Foundation owns an 80 acre camping/activities area which is called the Range in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains in central New Mexico. A goal of the RHF is to make the camping and activities area into a superior site that can provide for a number of activities for boys. The area is dedicated to New Mexico Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is an international adventure program providing a unique approach to Christian training for the total boy. The purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry is to develop the boy mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Ranger Heritage Foundation

The Ranger Heritage Foundation (RHF) was incorporated December 4, 2002, as a New Mexico non profit corporation.

The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes as a IRS Section 501(C) organization. The primary focus of the Corporation is the owning and providing of resources and facilities for Christian training. Contributions to the Corporation are tax deductible as provided by the IRS code and regulations.

The IRS provided a letter ruling February 3, 2003, stating the Ranger Heritage Foundation was exempt from Federal Income tax as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3). During the advance ruling period, the Foundation status was determined to be a publicly supported organization. Donors may deduct contributions to the Foundation as provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. On April 27, 2007, the IRS issued a final ruling based on the information submitted that the RHF would continue to be classified as an organization exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code and that contributions to the RHF are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code.

The Ranger Heritage Foundation was registered with the Attorney General of New Mexico as a Charitable Organization effective February 18, 2004. Such registration permits the organization to solicit funds in the State of New Mexico. The first annual report of the Ranger Heritage Foundation was filed with the AG of NM May 25, 2004, for year 2003 activities.

There are four committees to help in the work of the Foundation. They are:

The Executive Committee consisting of the Officers of the Board of Directors;


The Finance Committee chaired by William King;


The Fundraising Committee chaired by W. Tracy Stambaugh; and


The Site Development Committee chaired by Ted Schmidt

Contact Information

For information about the Ranger Heritage Foundation, please contact:

Ted Schmidt - email

For information about giving or make a donation, please contact:

William King - email

For information about programs, events, or ministries, please contact:

Ted Schmidt - email

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