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The next project in the development of the Range is a shower house. As you can see from the graphic, the proposed shower house will have 6 individual shower units and will be supplied by the Range windmill. Hot water and electricity will be supplied by propane fed devices – on-demand hot water heater and a propane fueled generator. The wastewater system will include a gray water tank with a sub-pump that will recycle wastewater to feed close by trees.


We are working with a couple building contractors to make the shower house a structure that will not only fit the needs of Royal Rangers events but will follow the building guidelines of the Range. The estimated cost to build the shower house and a 4th restroom structure is $60k. We are asking for you to partner with the Ranger Heritage Foundation to make the shower house project possible.


To make a contribution:

1. Make a check out Ranger Heritage Foundation and send to Larry King - see the donations page for the mailing address.

2. Follow the link - and select Donate. Make your contribution in the “Other” field and put a description of “Range Shower House.”

The Range Projects & Maintenance

Shower House – Two room (men/boys) shower house capable of producing 6 showers on each side. The shower house will feature a vault toilet on each side similar to the existing restroom facilities. Water will be supplied from windmill to pressured well tank (trail house) to shower house. Shower house will be supplied by propane heated water and powered by solar.

  • Pour concrete pad at windmill and relocate 1200 gallon tank

  • Plumb windmill to 1200 gallon tank

  • Install 600 ft of 4” pvc pipe from existing line to pressurized well tank (trail house)

  • Install 1100 ft of 1” pvc pipe from well tank to shower house location

  • Pour shower house foundation

  • Cinder block structure construction

  • Metal roof


Memorial Cross – The memorial cross gives recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions to Royal Rangers.

  • Install 3 ft of cultured stone

  • Re-stain and seal

  • Level area and install pavers

  • Install benches


Pavilion Water Control – The north side of the pavilion is open to moving ground water.

  • Redirect water from main road

  • Redirect water at north end of pavilion


Road Maintenance

  • Cut bar ditches

  • Gravel, gravel, gravel

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